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DIY EZ Eyeshadow Makeup Eye Color Quarantine Kit

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With the ingredients in this kit, you will have plenty of product to make unique, ready-to-wear eye shadows.  Be creative at home while you practice social distancing. Great activity and memorable way to spend time with your daughters or sons! You can even wear these colors as is! No glitter, just a beautiful low shimmer and sheen.  Mistake-proof, there is no wrong color!!

Here is what is included in the kit:

  • 12 high-quality jars with sifters and lids (each jar holds approximately 2 grams of loose powder)
  • 12 unique and ready-to-wear eye shadow colors, including:

Shimmer Lemon
Shimmer Raspberry
Shimmer Blueberry
Shimmer Apple
Shimmer Grape
Shimmer Tangerine
Pearl Basics
Brown Oxide 
Blush Beige
Matte Texture Base (to lighten a color or make a matte shadow/liner)

  • 12 mixing bags
  • 2 measuring spoons 
  • 1 spatula
  • 12 dual end eye shadow/liner applicators
  • 1 tube of Eye Primer 
  • 1 sheet of example recipes made with this kit