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Barbara Maynard, founder + owner of Southern Magnolia

Gosh, I remember when I first  started back in 2004, there was no help for a country girl like me! I had 100 bucks to my name to get this dream of mine started. I spent countless hours searching for ingredients to buy by the ounce, not in 55 gallon drums! I needed the lowest of low minimums and would call companies only to be turned down, and occasionally laughed at! But honey, I believed in myself, was quite persistent and never gave up! So, here I am 16 years later! Because of my experience, I always said I'd never make it difficult or expensive for anyone who was as determined as me to start creating their colorful dreams! I've learned alot over the years, and when I find something I like...well, I like to pay it forward!

Live, Laugh, and Love!

Barbara Maynard, Founder + Owner

Southern Magnolia Minerals


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