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Wholesale Opportunities

BEFORE BEGINNING CONSIDER YOUR SELLING VENUE: You'll first need to decide on the venue you'll be using to sell your products. Most people have at least some idea of how they will be selling. Either to friends/family, local stores, in the mall, on the internet via your own website, via eBay or other.

You'll want to choose a venue that suits your lifestyle and personality. There are various options, but don't feel these are the only options. You might have a very unique situation you're considering and it just might be the next big thing! So keep your creativity pumping! The sky is the limit!



BULK OR PREPACKAGED: You'll need to decide whether you wish to purchase your mineral makeup in bulk (1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz, etc) and fill into jars yourself, OR buy prepackaged items, so you don't have to fill anything. Bulk is the cheapest, but most time-consuming route. Prepackaged saves you loads of time, but costs more. So you need to decide whether time or money is currently more precious to you.

Wholesale Bulk

If choosing the bulk option, you'll be saving money, but will have to spend time filling jars and samples. You'll need to purchase empty jars, sample baggies and utensils for filling them. You might wish to purchase a jewelry scale or other small, accurate scale, but that is not necessary. Simply use clean, sterilized stainless steel scoops (measuring spoons and cups work well) and fill your jars full. Pack the powder down, insert the sifter and apply the lid. Then apply a label and shrink wrap the jar if you prefer. Shrink wrapping simply means you apply a thin plastic perforated band around the jar (sold in our jar section) and apply heat with a blow dryer or heat gun. The plastic will shrink up around the jar, giving a professional seal. Our sifters come with seals as well, so the makeup will be doubly safe (another selling point).Keep in mind that mineral makeup has an indefinite shelf life if stored in a dry location, so you can stock up as much as you like, with no worry of it ever expiring. There is nothing in the makeup to ever expire, as it is made of purely inorganic (non-living) materials, like mica.

Wholesale Prepackaged

If you are short on time (perhaps already running a salon, for example), and you can't see finding the inclination to fill jars, you'll want to opt for prepackaged cosmetics. These arrive to you already filled and ready to go. You have several options. These come either totally unlabeled, OR with SMM Cosmetics Label. You can shrink wrap the jars if you like, but since our sifters have tabbed seals, this is not required. Things to keep in mind for either the bulk or prepackaged option: We do require that you use your own brand name when labeling your products. Southern Magnolia Minerals® is our registered trademark and cannot be used. Even though we do manufacture the minerals, we have no control over them once they leave our facility. Thus, you'll need to private label your goods. A good place to get labels is You can then print them yourself on your inkjet or laser printer or take them to a local print shop. There are also many places to get labels preprinted, if you prefer not printing your own. is a good place, but there are many others to choose from.

CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS:  Popular foundation colors include the neutrals, such as Light and Medium. You'll want to start with at least 3 foundation shades, generally, but this will depend upon the skin tones of the clients you'll be servicing. So keep this all in mind when deciding on your foundation colors. One method is to purchase one of each shade, see which ones sell the best and continue selling only those, discontinuing the others. As for all other products, neutrals are the best sellers and are always a good place to start. Anything cream, brown, soft pink, etc, sells well. As far as eye shadows go, purples are exceptional sellers too, especially the deeper ones. Our finishing powders all sell well, as do our concealers. This is where ordering samples comes in handy (visit our retail site to purchase starter jars), so you can see which shades you prefer and which would look good on most skin tones. Remember, you can always branch out and offer more colors later. Customers love anything new, so you'll want to add new products occasionally. And try not to over analyze. You'll get a feel for the colors and their popularity as time goes on.

PLACE YOUR ORDER AND START SELLING! Once you've decided on where you'll sell your mineral makeup and how, which method you prefer (bulk or prepackaged), and which colors you want to start with, you'll want to go ahead and place your first order. Don't forget the necessary accessories, such as brushes, jars (if buying in bulk) and shrink wraps, and anything else you might need. We ship quickly, usually within a couple days or less, so once your order arrives, you can begin selling your goods!! Congratulations! You're on your way to selling mineral makeup!

We are glad you have decided to join our team! Should you have any concerns, please contact us.