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Wholesale Venues

BEFORE BEGINNING CONSIDER YOUR SELLING VENUE: You'll first need to decide on the venue you'll be using to sell your products. Most people have at least some idea of how they will be selling. Either to friends/family, local stores, in the mall, on the internet via your own website, via eBay or other. You'll want to choose a venue that suits your lifestyle and personality. There are various options, but don't feel these are the only options. You might have a very unique situation you're considering and it just might be the next big thing! So keep your creativity pumping! The sky is the limit! 

Online Business
Online Options-Online Auction Sites

Many companies start out on eBay, Etsy or other internet auction sites such as eBid. This is certainly a feasible method and many continue to sell on these sites for years. The upside here is almost anyone can easily get started using this method, as you don't need to set up a merchant account (you use Paypal as your payment processor), and you can begin listing items almost right away. The downside is, they do take fees, which cut into your profits.

Your Own Website: Having your own website to sell minerals from is ideal, really, but will require some set up and knowledge of html. You have the benefits of being able to design your site as you like and use whatever shopping cart you like, but you either have to know how to set this all up yourself, or hire it done. (Or be really lucky and have a nice friend or family member do it for free!!).

When just starting out, you can use Paypal buttons as your shopping cart. Once you have set up a Paypal account, you can access their merchant services section and create Paypal buttons by simply filling out your product information. You then copy and paste the code they give you into your website code. Add all of your products this way (you can even have a drop-down menu for color options!), you will have a simple, but effective shopping cart. When someone clicks on the BUY NOW button you've created, they will be shown a shopping cart page. They can continue to add items into their cart and when finished, simply checkout using Paypal or their credit card (Paypal no longer requires customers to have a Paypal account to pay), and voila. You have an order!

Once you feel ready, you'll want to set up a professional shopping cart so that you can keep better records and offer more options. Each shopping cart is different, but various features include: customer order history, sales records, various shipping options, coupon codes, search engine optimization, newsletter applications and much, much more. You'll want to do some google searches on shopping carts and find the best one for your needs.

Consider a professional custom design for your online store. SMM Cosmetics website and ecommerce design was created by Crystal Calhoun of  Made To Be Unique. We recommend you considering Crystal for your website and ebay store designing needs. If you contact Crystal mention you heard about Made To Be Unique from Barb of SMM Cosmetics and you'll recieve 20% off any website, ebay or ecommerce service package!

Friends & Family
Offline Options-Friends and Family

If you have a wide range of friends, family members, co-workers and other acquaintances that are interested in mineral makeup, you can begin your selling adventure by offering your products to them. Simple word of mouth, relaying the benefits to them, actually trying the colors on their skin and showing them how to apply the makeup for themselves will all help to sell your product and get people interested. Once they are intrigued by the product (mineral makeup sells itself simply because it works), they will most likely begin to tell their friends and family about it and word will spread and your business should grow.

Local Stores & Shopping Malls
Local Stores

You can go around to local stores that might be interested in selling natural cosmetics and offer your items to them. Good locations include spas, nail and hair salons, clothing stores, health food stores and others. You simply call them up or go speak to them in person and tell them about what you've got to sell, the benefits of mineral makeup, how women love it and return for it again and again, etc. If they are interested, you can work out a deal according to your liking.

We've had some clients who set up displays in stores and make a certain percentage of each sale, while the store makes its cut. The exact percentage is up to you. You could keep 60% while the store makes 40%, or whatever you and the store owner feel comfortable with. You would be in charge of keeping the products stocked.

Another option is to simply rent a small space in the store. You pay a monthly fee and then you completely keep track of the makeup inventory, restocking it and anything else that needs done and you keep the full sale amount. This can get tricky, but some have been successful with it.

You can also sell the makeup outright to the store owner, so once it leaves your hands, it becomes the property of the store owner and whatever they sell it for is up to them. It would then be up to them to keep track of inventory and order more as necessary.

The price ranges here are vast, but (as an example) a good average is to sell a full size foundation jar (30 gram jar with 8 grams of minerals), for $10 to $12 to the store or salon, and then they can mark it up to $19.99 to $25, depending. But this is just an average. Feel free to come up with your own pricing. -Malls: Many have set up kiosks or even rented store space in malls to sell their makeup. This is certainly feasible. Starting smaller, like with a kiosk, might be more up your ally, but this will depend upon your budget and level of comfort with risk-taking. -Your Own Shop: If you already own a shop, you could add mineral makeup in seamlessly and see how it goes with relatively little risk. You can also have your own shop built just to sell minerals, if you like. You'll want to be in a high-traffic location, where you're pretty sure many beauty-minded women will pass each day.

Doctors Office
Doctor's Offices

Certain doctors, especially dermatologists, will often recommend safe, natural makeup brands to their patients... you could speak with your local physician about a possible alliance. As mineral makeup is very suitable for acne, sensitive skin and skin that has undergone laser treatment and other surgery, it is ideal for people who are going to a dermatologist. While their issues are being treated and healed, they will still desire a product to cover their issues. Even men can successfully wear mineral makeup without notice, due to the smooth, natural, bare look that can be achieved.



Fairs, Festivals & Flea Markets
Fairs/Festivals/Flea Markets

If your town hosts fairs or festivals, these make great places to set up a table with your products! You'll want to have a nice selection of makeup and accessories, application instructions printed out and information on how people can get in touch with you again should they wish to purchase more makeup.

Makeup Application Services Makeup Application Services

Another route you might consider is actually applying makeup for special occasions for a fee. Events include: weddings, prom, parties, photo shoots and more. If you wish to go this route but are not currently a makeup artist, you might look into that option in order to be at the top of your game.

Things to keep in mind when selling makeup face to face, no matter the outlet:

A. Mineral makeup is new to many and they will have loads of questions. How long does the makeup last? Will it settle in my wrinkles? Will it irritate my skin? How do I wash it off? What brush do I use? Etc. Be prepared with answers, but don't stress too much. Most of the answers are common sense and you'll learn as you go along.

B. Most women will want to either try the makeup themselves or have you apply it for them. You'll need some tester items for this purpose. You'll want to practice applying makeup to others until you feel comfortable with it. You can always inform people that you are not a makeup artist, which helps to relieve any stress you might feel. If you are a makeup artist, then fabulous! You're a step ahead.

C. You'll want to have attractive, clean displays of your products. And the more printed information you can provide will be wonderful. Women are always anxious to learn as much as they can about mineral makeup. It is, after all, the best makeup on earth! It really does what it says it will!

D. You'll want to be a "people person." If you're the quiet, shy type, selling makeup in person will not be for you. You'll be examining skin tones, applying makeup to strangers, talking a lot, explaining the various benefits of your product, etc, so people skills are a must! If you are shy, this will only stress you out in the long run. Consider selling online where you don't have to meet people face to face. If, however, you love people and/or you love sales, you should be very comfortable selling makeup face to face.