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Blue Mineral Color Corrector Concealer | Corrective Powder - Bulk

Southern Magnolia

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  • A quick fix for self-tanner mistakes
  • Illuminate & brighten complexion instantly
  • Brighten dark circles on deep skin tones
  • Formulated WITHOUT titanium dioxide, talc, gluten, chemicals
  • Made in the USA. No animal testing

If you are plagued with dark circles under your eyes, then, I'm sure you've heard of Anchorwoman blue under eye dark circle cover! Its what newscasters (men and women) use to hide dark circles! Southern Magnolia's Blue color corrective powder counteracts the effects of a spray tan gone bad! Neutralizes the orange tone when you overdo the self-tanner or bronzer, and corrects orangey and/or peachy skin tones. It brightens the darkest eye area circles on deeper skin tones too. And as an added bonus, it makes a beautiful matte eyeshadow.

Color correctors and concealers are beneficial for a variety of skin issues. Balance skin tones, perk up dull skin, conceal discoloration, cover blemishes, scars, rosacea, birthmarks, bruising, dark spots, and tattoos. Color correctors can minimize the look of large pores, brighten complexion, and provide a smooth surface for your foundation.  The ingredients in corrective powders are healing too.  They can reduce inflammation, calm irritated skin, ease redness, soften and soothe distressed skin.  Not to mention providing a high level of natural sun protection. 

Ingredients: zinc oxide, allantoin, sericite. May contain ultramarines or iron oxides