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Medium - Multi-Task Resurfacing Veil + Finishing Powder - Bulk

Southern Magnolia

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Give your complexion a natural finish by adding the lightweight softness and beauty-smart features of Southern Magnolia's multi-tasking powder to your makeup routine. This gentle product can be used as a primer as well.  If you have troubled skin such as large pores, minor acne scarring, rough patches, or hyperpigmentation, simply use your kabuki to buff this resurfacing primer on in small amounts and focus on problem areas prior to foundation application. And use it as your last step to lock in your look while stopping oils and fine lines in their tracks. 

The medium shade works for light-medium to medium skin tones and won't irritate sensitive skin. 

Ingredients: Kosher Grade Rice Powder, Kaolin Clay, Silk Powder, Iron Oxides. May contain Mica.